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Why Thomas Keble?

The offer of a large school

We are fortunate that there are lots of great schools in our area, and this includes Thomas Keble. Your next choice of school should be the one best placed to enable your child to thrive. Thomas Keble is a lovely school with outstanding facilities, delightful students and a talented and dedicated staff. Our staff, our students and their families know this is a terrific school and are rightly proud of it. Thomas Keble is a great place to learn and a great place to work. We provide the breadth of opportunity that you’ll find in a much bigger school. Our world-class facilities support our breadth of academic courses, strong focus on pastoral support and the extracurricular offer. We place great value on the whole experience, and typically offer over 50 different clubs each week, with a broad range of trips and enrichment opportunities to enthuse everyone.

The feel of a small school

Our school has a genuinely warm atmosphere and supportive relationships between students and staff. We are community, and relationships matter. As a smaller school, we get to know everyone as an individual, and we welcome difference. Our pastoral support is a real strength, and we provide a supportive environment with a friendly, family feel through our House system. New students quickly settle in. As well as specialist subject teachers, key staff will monitor the progress of students to ensure that individuals achieve much more than they ever thought possible.

The little things matter

We have a clear focus on standards. This means the standards of appearance, behaviour and conduct. Behaviour is very good at the school and this doesn’t happen by accident, but because of our attention to detail. We don't permit mobile phone use on site, and we will communicate any issues quickly with parents and carers when students either exceed of fall short of our expectations. We believe that working closely with parents and carers is the best way to support our young people to thrive.

Great student outcomes

We are an inclusive school, and as such we are rightly proud of our excellent academic outcomes for all students. Given the comprehensive and inclusive student body, excellent outcomes are a symptom of a thriving and well taught curriculum, broad and inclusive extra-curricular offer and focussed and expert pastoral support. We work with you to ensure that all our students make excellent progress from their individual starting points, achieving much more than they ever thought possible.

Preparing for the next stage of life

A great education is a complete experience in of itself, and it will also prepare youngsters for adult life. We believe that the best place to do that is in a non-selective, inclusive and co-educational environment. We aren't an exam factory, but at the same time we are not complacent about great student outcomes. Students need to develop the skills to thrive alongside different people in different environments. We strive to ensure that youngsters keep their options open and develop the skills, attributes and qualifications to flourish in future. The quality of careers guidance given to students is exemplary and ensures that our students are extremely well-prepared for their next steps.