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School Uniform

Having a school uniform enables every child to attend school in an equal and fair way. By maintaining this expectation, we ensure that appearance does not advantage or disadvantage any child based on fashion choice, socio-economic wealth or body shape or size. We strongly believe this basic equality is a fundamental right of children in education and that this is vital to a caring and safe learning environment.

Uniform standards are high at Thomas Keble School. Our uniform code is inclusive, smart and de-gendered as we see no constructive or sensible reason why girls and boys should wear different clothes. Parents are expected to ensure that students arrive at school in correct uniform. The goal of our uniform policy is for students to feel comfortable and able to fully participate in school life.

For Year 7 students from September 2023:

  • Thomas Keble school blazer with the Thomas Keble logo, purchased from our approved supplier;
  • Plain white long-sleeved collared shirt;
  • Herring-grey/charcoal trousers OR Herring grey/ charcoal knee-length skirt;
  • Optional Royal Blue Thomas Keble branded jumper from our approved supplier;
  • Optional herring grey/ charcoal shorts;
  • Optional plain white short-sleeved collared shirt;
  • Plain black shoes or boots without a logo.
  • Trainers and soft canvas ‘daps’ are not permitted;
  • Plain and un-ripped black or grey tights
  • Socks should be plain black, grey or white and suitable for school;
  • No jeggings, skinny fashion or Lycra/Jersey trousers.
  • No denim or cord material.

Cartilage piercings are not permitted, including transparent or non-metallic piercings

Students may wear one pair of small studs, one in each earlobe

Piercings in any other part of the body are not permitted


Our preferred supplier is Bateman's

2 Kendrick Street,





Telephone 01453 764320


Second hand uniform

Second Hand uniform is managed by the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). To contact the PTA regarding second hand uniform, please email for further information.

 Please note that The Headteacher’s ruling on matters regarding uniform is final.