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Pastoral Curriculum

At Thomas Keble School, we provide a secure, safe and well-ordered environment, in which students can live, work and thrive in order to achieve their full potential as individuals. On entry to the school, students are placed in a tutor group under the care of a form tutor who will get to know the student well, and help him/her to make the best use of the opportunities available at Thomas Keble School.

The tutor will be the first point of contact for staff and parents wishing to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress. As a general rule, a student will keep the same tutor throughout the five years at school, providing them and their parents with a contact who can respond to their needs.

Tutors are supported by a Head of Year, who is available to see parents should the need arise.

“Pastoral care is good, students receive good support on transition to the school and when leaving it” (Ofsted 2017)

New students are involved in a carefully prepared and extensive introduction programme. Obviously, some children are apprehensive about transferring to a secondary school, and we aim to make the transition from primary to secondary school as seamless as possible.

Staff from Thomas Keble have established links with our primary schools and work with them on occasions so that children will know at least some of the staff before coming here. Staff also visit students in their primary school during the summer term and an Induction Day is held in the summer term to help children become familiar with Thomas Keble School, and a meeting for “new” parents is held at that time.