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At KS4 students will follow the RSL Level 2 Music Practitioners Course.

This course follows a series of self-contained units that allow students to specialise in either performance or technology & composition.

Students will cover 3 core units including Musical Knowledge Development, Live music Performance and Music Sequencing and Production alongside 2 optional units including Composing Music and Using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Students will then opt to submit their strongest of the two optional units and either Live Music Performance or Music Sequencing and Production in order to be awarded in their specialist field.

KS4 students will develop their understanding of performing and composing with a contextual link to music industry standards and the life of a 21st century musician. They will also follow graded theory work to develop their understanding of music and will take part in practical sessions throughout the two years. There will also be a Level 1 pathway available to those students requiring additional support.

Once all units are submitted and moderated, students will be awarded with RSL Level 1/2 Certificate in Performance/Technology & Composition for Music Practitioners and can then progress onto Level 3 study at one of our catchment colleges or further study of A Level Music/ Music Technology.

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