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At KS3 Students are encouraged to explore musical genres, skills and traditions. Each year group will cover six unique topics with a focus on either performance or composition alongside relevant listening. Students will use keyboards, ukuleles, un-tuned percussion and music technology with assessment focused on their instrumental skill development and their use of core musical understanding. Students will have access to extra-curricular ensembles and can also opt to learn an instrument with one of our peripatetic tutors (please see below for further information).

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Units covered at KS3 include:

Year 7

  • Programme Music
  • West African Drumming
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Ukulele Skills
  • Samples and Loops
  • Composition Project

Year 8

  • Gamelan
  • Hawaiian Song
  • The Blues
  • Theme & Variation
  • Ableton Beats
  • Film Music

Year 9

  • Pop Song
  • Samba
  • Protest Song
  • Codebreakers
  • Ableton Skills
  • Electronic Dance Music

Peripatetic Music Lessons

 Thomas Keble School recognises the importance and value of learning a musical instrument. Not only does it further an individual’s musical interests, abilities and knowledge, but it also helps their personal and emotional development, physical and motor co-ordination and facilitates the learning of a variety of social skills in addition to the development of perseverance and self-discipline.

With that aim in mind, we presently utilise various local specialist teachers to provide the school with a range of extra-curricular lessons and we will seek to maintain that provision and increase it whenever appropriate, in response to the needs and interests of our pupils.

If your child is interested in having lessons, please contact the appropriate teacher. If the interest involves an instrument not covered in the list, please contact the Head of Music and we will endeavour to find a suitable teacher, although obviously no guarantee can be made.

Please ask your son or daughter to speak to Mr Burgess in the Music Department if they require any further information.

Brass Cornet; trumpet Miss Saffron Young
Double Bass   Miss Saffron Young
Drums Drum kit; orchestral / percussion Mr Jon Green
Guitar Acoustic; electrical; classical Ms Hayley Savage
  Mandolin; ukulele tbc  
  Bass guitar Miss Saffron Young
Piano   Ms Hayley Savage
Singing   tbc  
Violin   tbc  
Woodwind Flute; clarinet; saxophone tbc  
DJ-ing   FutureDJs