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Homework, or Home learning, is an integral part of the learning process. In most cases, it will not require students to learn and apply new content, but will instead be focused on the consolidation of learning in lessons. Homework will be posted through the Class Charts platform, visibel to both parents/carers and students.

By setting frequent home learning tasks that centre on practising the application of subject knowledge or skills acquired in class, teachers can provide pupils with a greater chance of fluency with the subject knowledge and skills taught (Pickering, 2003). Retrieval practice is an essential tool for improving students’ long-term memory and consolidating schemata (the method by which the brain organizes knowledge based on a past experience). 

Teachers will plan home learning to ensure that it is an integral part of their curriculum sequencing. Students will be supported to develop the skills they need to organise their time to complete work set. Part of completing a home learning task includes giving it in on time. If a student is unable to meet a deadline due to illness, extenuating circumstances or out of school commitments, it is their responsibility to discuss this with their teacher before the due date. Sanctions will be issued to students who do not submit their home learning on the specified day in accordance with the Thomas Keble Behaviour Policy.

Parents and carers can help by providing a reasonably peaceful, suitable place in which pupils can do their home learning and making it clear that they value home learning and support the school in ensuring its completion.