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AQA GCSE Geography Course content

Unit 1: Living with the Physical Environment

  • Challenges of natural hazards (tectonics, tropical storms, extreme weather)
  • Physical landscapes in the UK (coasts and rivers)
  • The Living World (local ecosystems, tropical rainforests, cold environments)

Unit 2: Challenges in the Human Environment

  • Urban Challenges (contrasting cities, sustainable urban futures)
  • The Changing Economic World (closing the development gap, economic studies)
  • The Challenge of Resource Management (global resource security: water)

Unit 3: Geographical Applications

  • Issue Evaluation (Issue selected from any part of the specification)
  • Fieldwork (two fieldwork enquiries, contrasting environments, physical and human geography, enquiry process). We will visit the Dorset coastline for a day trip and optional weekend residential in the spring of Y10 and Gloucester docks for a day study visit in Y11.


  • Unit 1: 1h 30m exam worth 35% in June of Y11
  • Unit 2: 1h 30m exam worth 35% in June of Y11
  • Unit 3: 1h exam worth 30% in June of Y11. 

Students will be examined on their issue evaluation and fieldwork studies during this paper.  They will also receive a pre-release resource booklet before the exam.  Fieldwork is completed in Y10 but examined in Y11 and represents 15% of the total assessment.