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Mobile Phones

Mobile (smart) phone usage in schools has become one of the circuitous and binary debates within education. At Thomas Keble School, mobile phones should not be seen from 08:30 to 15:05, in other words, phones can be brought to school but must be switched off in bags or pockets and not be seen on the school site. If phones are seen and guidelines are broken, phones are confiscated and stored centrally to be returned in line with our policy for banned items.


Thomas Keble has an agreed Code of Conduct which stresses our expectations of reasonable and polite behaviour. We ask parents to work closely with us to maintain a pleasant working and learning environment and to ensure that the Code of Conduct is adhered to. The one rule for all of us in school is “Everyone will act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times, treating them with respect and remembering that our common purpose is to learn”.

This means that as a community we should:

  • Always try to understand other people’s point of view.
  • Make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for teachers to teach. This means arriving on time with everything you need for that lesson, beginning and ending the lesson in a courteous and orderly way, listening carefully, following instructions, helping each other when appropriate and being quiet and sensible at all times.
  • Move calmly and quietly about school.
  • Always speak politely to everyone and use a low voice.
  • Be silent whenever you are required to be.
  • Any reasonable request from a member of staff should be carried out at once.
  • Keep yourself clean and tidy and follow the full school uniform policy.
  • Keep the school clean and tidy so that it is a welcoming place we can all be proud of.
  • Always remember that outside of the school gates you represent the school in the way you choose to behave.


Having a school uniform enables every child to attend school in an equal and fair way. By maintaining this expectation, we ensure that appearance does not advantage or disadvantage any child based on fashion choice, socio-economic wealth or body shape or size. We strongly believe this basic equality is a fundamental right of children in education and that this is vital to a caring and safe learning environment.

Uniform standards are high at Thomas Keble School. Our uniform code is inclusive, smart and de-gendered as we see no constructive or sensible reason why girls and boys should wear different clothes. Parents are expected to ensure that students arrive at school in correct uniform, so students feel comfortable and able to fully participate in school life.

For Health & Safety reasons all footwear must be low-heeled and low-soled, and of a conventional style and manufacture. Cartilage piercings are not permitted, including transparent or non-metallic piercings, under any circumstances. Students may wear one pair of small studs, one in each earlobe. Piercings in any other part of the body are not permitted. Students may choose to wear one simple ring and/or a single simple necklace and/or a single/simple bracelet inside their shirt. KS3 girls are not permitted to wear make-up. In KS4, make-up should be subtle and natural. Nail varnish is not permitted and students will be directed to remove it if worn. False eyelashes and false or acrylic nails are not permitted and students will be directed to remove these if worn. Hair should be of a natural colour and conventional style and any accessories should be plain and subtle.