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Computing is well embedded in all subjects as well as being a discrete subject in its own right. By the end of KS3 pupils are expected to be fully conversant and confident with a variety of software, have sound understanding of the principles of coding and programming, and a good knowledge of computing developed through a variety of projects in Years 7 and 8.  In Year 9 students can opt to study computing, where the subject is looked at in more detail.

In Computing pupils will learn …

  • Communication skills (using email, word processing, DTP, Presentations, web design and analysis, staying safe online)
  • Programming in LOGO, Scratch, App Inventor and Python
  • Modelling skills (spreadsheets)
  • How computers work
  • How the WWW and the internet work
  • Recording and editing  audio
  • Web design in HTML and Dreamweaver
  • Video and animation
  • Graphics
  • Game Design
  • Computer Crime and Cyber Security