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CoPE is a nationally recognised qualification offered by thousands of schools and colleges in the UK. At Thomas Keble CoPE is available at Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade 2-3) and Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE grade 5-6). CoPE is distinctive to other qualifications, as instead of focusing on acquiring subject knowledge, the objective is on developing transferable skills which can be applied to any situation.

CoPE recognises personal achievements, promotes independent learning, develops employability skills and personal effectiveness, helps students build a record of achievement and supports GCSE qualifications.

The focus is on developing key skills. Therefore the context in which these skills are acquired is flexible so can be decided by you and based around your activities, interests and achievements both in and out of school. You must take responsibility for planning, organising and completing challenges selected from the CoPE student book on a wide range of themes.



You will build up a portfolio of evidence by completing sufficient challenges to attain credits. Evidence can be in the form of: worksheets, annotated photos, video or sound recordings, drawings or collages, witness statements, diaries or logs. The CoPE Student Book comprises 12 modules, each of which is divided into three sections. Each section should take 10 hours, which is worth one credit. You will need 12 credits to gain the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness. For CoPE Level 1, challenges can come from Section A, B or C; for CoPE Level 2, at least six of the credits must be chosen from the longer, more in-depth challenges of Sections B and C. You must also demonstrate your skill development by regularly recording how you have planned and reviewed your work. The level achieved is determined by the extent of skill acquisition demonstrated. Portfolios of work are externally moderated.

CoPE and the world of work.

The skills you need to do well in business are not always the skills they traditionally teach you in school – problem-solving, a good attitude and the ability to communicate well – these are the aptitudes I recognise in new recruits because they show that someone’s going to be able to hit the ground running. That’s why qualifications like ASDAN’s CoPE are so valuable – they give skills a status and allow different kinds of learners a chance to shine, enabling employers like me to spot the bright, enterprising types – whether or not they’ve achieved academically.” James Caan – Entrepreneur