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Art GCSE is made up of three projects. Two of these are coursework (an ‘introductory’ project followed by a ‘major’ project) and one exam project in Year 11.

  • Pupils select either ‘Graphic Communication’ or ‘Fine Art’ as broad areas of enquiry. These are supported by photography.
  • Projects are given broad titles, for example ‘Art Magazine Cover’ or ‘Here and Now.’
  • Essential components of these studies include annotation and drawing, which support the development and recording of ideas.

From the outset, pupils work in a personalised and varied way to suit their needs and enthusiasms. The projects usually follow a starting point – investigation – designing – conclusion pathway.

Much specific guidance is offered verbally (group and 1:1) and in writing (recorded by themselves and their teacher, on their table of Assessment Objectives, kept with their work). Thus targets are kept relevant, personalised, time-bound and specific.