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Academic Curriculum

All students study the same broad and balanced curriculum up to the end of Year 8 with some specialisation introduced into Year 9 (see model). Specialisation enables more time to deepen learning. This is a three-year KS3. We teach at least the National Curriculum through Years 7 and 8 and Year 9 for those areas chosen by students. Most subjects are taught in mixed ability groups throughout KS3, with streaming in Maths, Science and PE, but with students accessing the same broad curriculum, at an appropriate pace and depth to secure a good level of understanding.

At KS4, all students study a core curriculum, including 2 hours of PE each week. There is a wide range of optional subjects with 13 GCSE and 4 Vocational courses. All students study RE until the end of Year 10. We value and promote a broad range of extracurricular opportunities and experiences.

The entire educational experience is valuable to students in preparing them for their future lives. We aim to give students powerful knowledge through the curriculum and transformational experiences through their participation in educational visits, clubs and other co-curricular opportunities. We also aim to teach students to make good choices in terms of their conduct, relationships, personal safety and health.

The government have an ambition that 75% of Year 10 pupils nationally (not per school) should be studying the EBacc combination of subjects by 2022, rising to 90% by 2025. We agree that studying a modern foreign language and a humanities subject at KS4 is valuable for many students. We do not believe that compelling students to choose EBacc subjects would be in their interest or welcomed by parents (parent surveys confirm this). To support the government’s ambition, we aim to increase uptake of these subjects by ensuring students have a high-quality experience at KS3 and understand the value of further study in these subjects. We will not prejudice students against other optional subjects at KS4 which we believe are equally valuable and worthwhile. In Languages, we have moved to students studying 1 of either French or Spanish at KS3 to provide depth, with mixed ability teaching to promote learning and inclusivity. We aim to maintain a thriving and diverse curriculum offer across KS4, including in the arts, technology and social sciences.

If you have further questions regarding our Academic Curriculum, please contact Mr Patrick (Deputy Headteacher) who will be able to answer or direct you query to the most suitable person.